Hong Kong Budding Poets (English) Award 2014-15 2015-07-07
香港傑出學生詩人 (英文) 獎 2014-15 2015-07-07
Student Achievements in the EDB NET Section Competitions for Student Production and Performance 2015-07-06
本校於教育局主辦的英語創作比賽中取得佳績 2015-07-06
「零碳天地學生大使計劃」獎項 2015-06-11
Awards in ZCB Ambassador Scheme 2015-06-11
Hong Kong Primary and Secondary School English Writing Competition 2014-2015 2015-05-29
香港中小學生英文寫作比賽 2014-2015 2015-05-29
Sing Yin students won the Championship in the 15th Basic Law and National Knowledge Quiz Competition (Junior Secondary) 2015-04-20
本校學生於第十五屆《基本法》及國民常識問答比賽 (初中組) 榮獲冠軍 2015-04-20
Sing Yin Students Awarded in Shuttlecock Competition 2015-03-29
聖言同學於足毽比賽獲佳績 2015-03-29
Sing Yin students won the Championship in the China Champion 2015 Quiz 2015-03-28
本校學生於中華狀元2015問答比賽榮獲冠軍 2015-03-28
香港地理奧林匹克 2015 2015-03-24
Hong Kong Geography Olympiad 2015 2015-03-24
田徑隊於多個公開比賽中表現傑出,奪得多個獎項 2015-03-09
Our school won the First Place in Boys B Grade (Division Two) Inter-School Athletics Competition (HK Island and Kowloon) 2014-2015 2015-03-09
Sing Yin Won the Fourth Place in the Inter-school Football Competition 2015-01-05
足球隊勇奪學界第二組別甲組殿軍 2015-01-05