Green Poems 2014

Love Our Dear Earth - by Chan Kwun Hei 1B

Do you know where you are?
Do you know how beautiful our Earth is?
Do you know the power of pollution we have made?
Now I will tell you the truth.

You are living on our dear Earth.
Our Earth is being destroyed.
Our landfills will soon be full.
Many people are complaining about the environmental war.

But they are wrong.
They are the chief offenders.
If they can make good changes,
Our dear Earth will be even better.

Value your food and your goods.
Think twice before you buy.
It is such an easy change,
So can you help our lovely paradise?

Please Protect Our Earth - by  Liu Ho Ming 1D

Our Earth is a blue planet with pieces of land
And it is designed by God's hand.
We should try our best to protect it
Even though it is hard,
We should do it little by little.

Climate change, global warming
This is a very serious warning.
The alarms on Earth have rung loudly.
Have you heard them lately?

The use of electricity
Including air conditioners and factories
All these produce greenhouse gases and dirty air.
Can you endure it? I cannot bear it.

If we keep littering,
Our Earth will become one large trash bin.
Most humans do not even care
But I would not dare to act quickly.
How can we be so irresponsible?

Let's clean up
And the gorgeous blue and green will shine again
We don't want garbage seen again, so
Clean up
And let's live happily on this beautiful planet.

You take the "PRO" and I take the"TECT"
They make up "PROTECT"
So let's protect the earth!

Save Our Earth - by  Lee Kwok Tai Vincent 3D

Our Earth is now sick!
Surrounded by garbage and greenhouse gases,
It is wearing clothes which are extremely thick,
As the main character of "The Emperor's New Clothes".

The temperature is rising, as hot as the sun.
The Polar Regions are melting.
The sky is blackening like dark ink.
The flowers are fading like an old woman.

Make it clean,
Make it green!

The Exploration - by  Tang Chun Yin Jackie 4E

When the sun was shining over Darwin,
I boarded a private plane.
It moved into the lane,
Sped up and took off.

I looked out from the window,
I saw skies of blue and clouds of white.
As the flight reached great heights,
The whole landscape was in my sights.

The forest was beneath my feet,
No boundaries, no limits.
Birds formed a fleet,
Soaring in the deep, blue sky.

Rocks were like skyscrapers,
Rising before my eyes.
A winding river appeared.
Like a snake slithering on the soil.

Together, they formed a beautiful picture,
I was amazed by the wonders of mother nature.
The plane descended to the land,
I stepped onto the soil again.

I hopped into a boat.
It sailed on crystal clear waters.
Trees and bushes stood alongside the river,
The river was calm and clear.

An old green monster lay on the turf.
It was a crocodile.
The crocodile was as peaceful as a sleeping giant.
It opened its mouth and yawned.

Another crocodile coasted along the river,
It was looking for its prey.
An eagle skimmed over the boat.
It flew as fast as a fighter.

I was enchanted by the exploration.
Birds, crocodiles, trees, rivers and more...
The green earth was mysterious and charming.
Lest we forget.

To Save the Earth - by  Ambrose Wong Sze Ho 5D

Black smoke is hanging in the sky.
Greenhouse gases increase year by year.
Rainforests, the lungs of our Earth, are damaged day by day.
Acid rain, global warming and climate change,
We must save the Earth come what may!

Fossil fuels will be used up one day.
Solar power cannot generate electricity at night.
Biofuels should be eaten instead of being burned.
Hydro-electric facilities are not light.
Taking action is more important than waiting.

Use less electricity to slow global warming.
Turn off fans, lamps and air conditioners.
Living as those before who consumed less fuel.
Let's reduce our demand on the environment further.

Don't forget the 3'R's of recycle, reuse and reduce.
These are the fairies helping to save the Earth.
Carbon dioxide causes global warming.
Reducing the carbon footprint is the clearest path.

Ice caps crack, the water levels rise.
This endangers our lives, turning our countries into watery graves.
Stop polluting the world, stop immediately if you are wise.
Make a change, make an environmentally friendly wave.

Life of 6 000 000 000 - by  Tam Kwok Kwan 2B

I am a tree.
I have lived for four Ages.
There are many ways of feeling when I'm growing.
I can remember them in four ways.

"Look, there is a fire," said an alien,
Swinging in space.
I felt hot and lonely.
Like eating hot pot in a quiet place.

"Woo… Woo…" said Pangou.
A giant Ancient Chinese fairy tale.
His strength makes me frightened and blue,
As though walking through the thunder in the rain.

"Pop" an apple fell to the ground.
It was done by Jesus's soul.
I felt warmth and hope.
Like the end of The Little Match Girl.

'Bu…Bu…' The noise from a vehicle.
Transport in modern times.
I am happy but development is not under my control.
Like a sour sweet in my mouth.

The development makes me worried.
You put up the destructive flame.
If tomorrow is the end of the world,
Can I see you again?

In the Beginning - by  Rex Chan 4D

In the beginning,
There was nothing.
Only blankness
Only darkness

Until the voice that changed everything,
The voice more powerful than anything.
'Let there be light,'
He said in might.
And there it is.
Light that broke the mist.

'Let there be firmament.'
It showed up in His commandment
Faster than lightning
It came like a hurricane
It knew, His order must be obeyed

Earth and Seas, He isolated
Grass and Trees, He also coined
The Sun and the Moon
He made them in a 'Boom!'

Water creatures came into existence
Birds, flying into the heavens
And then, the Voice thought
'I need someone who is bright
To lead, to name my creations,
Not just my imagination.
Someone who is like me,
Someone who IS me.'

So He created Man,
Who is His super fan.
Everything about Him is also in him.
He created a girl, not Kim
Not Katrina, not Kelly
Something more ordinary:

Satisfied with all he created
He lay down and looked delighted.
'It is good.'

Big Bang - by  Ngai Tsz Ue 4E

No time and no space,
No mass and no energy.
Nothingness was the only thing
In the universe

The Big Bang bonged.
Time and space exists,
Mass and energy released

The universe is inflating
And the stars are forming,
The planets are orbiting.

The Earth was born.