Sing Yin Secondary School Education Foundation


Sing Yin Secondary School Education Foundation Limited ("SYSSEF") was founded in 2009, upon an old boy's generous and hefty donation as the seed money.

SYSSEF is registered with the Government as a non-profit making organisation, with an objective to raise, administer and dispose of funds/assets with a view to contributing to the educational mission and growth of Sing Yin Secondary School. SYSSEF has got a tax exemption in respect of donations.

SYSSEF seeks to partner with the school, the sponsoring body, parents, alumni, etc for the betterment of Sing Yin.


The Council, equivalent to the Board of Directors, is responsible for control and management of all assets of SYSSEF. There are currently eight Council Members as follows:

Chairman: Mr. Lee Pui Keung (Alumnus)
Vice Chairman:   Mr. Wong Chi Keung (Principal)
Secretary: Mr. Poon Wai Cheong (Assistant Principal)
Members: Fr. Johnson Dhos (Supervisor of SYSS)
Ms. Carmen Au Suk Man (Parent)
Mr. Gilbert Wong Kun Kau (Alumnus)

Mr. Lee Chun Man (Alumnus)
Mr. Willy Cheng Yim Poon (Alumnus)

Except the first term where the Council's vacancies were filled by appointment, the Council Members shall be elected out of the Ordinary, Honorary and Life Members thereafter in a General Meeting.


Any previous and current students, staff and members of PTA, representatives of the Divine Word Missionaries and members of Sing Yin Alumni Association may apply to become Ordinary Members upon payment of an entrance fee and an annual subscription fee, except for the current Principal and the representatives of the Missionaries. The voting right is vested in the Ordinary Members only.

Life Member shall be an Ordinary Member, who pays a life membership fee. No annual subscription fee is chargeable.

The Council may appoint any person to be Honorary Member in recognition of his/ her distinguished service to the Council and education. No membership fee is chargeable.


The Council may determine and vary the different rates of fees, subject to its resolution.


We are the beneficiary of contributions from a group of donors who generously help fund our new campus. Here is a List of Donors.

Financial Report

Financial Report subsidized from the Foundation


All enquiries should be addressed to us at Sing Yin Secondary School, 38 New Clear Water Bay Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong SAR, China.