Green Tips

Here we advocate some easily developed but rarely mentioned habits for the protection of the environment. The tasks are minor. Yet if everyone does them, the environment will be improved.

1. Return Unnecessary Items in Fast Food Restaurants

When we dine at fast food restaurants, we often receive more than 1 piece of napkin, straws that are not needed or salts that should not be used. Return them immediately.

2. Call One Lift Only

Many buildings have more than 1 lift. Press the button to call the lift nearest to your floor, don't call other lifts.

3. Do Not Use Wireless Keyboards and Mouse

Unless it is necessary, do not use wireless keyboards and mice. This will reduce the use of batteries.

4. Buy Carbon Credits After Air Travel

After traveling by air, please go to the following website to buy back the carbon credit incurred. The fee amounts to tens or at most a few hundred dollars, but the benefit to the environment is substantial.

More information can be found at

5. Leave your Hair a little Wet after Washing

Under suitable conditions, dry the hair to 80% only using hair dryer after washing them. This is good for the environment and possibly good for the health of hairs too.